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Samus Aran - Varia Suit

Finally after what feels like years I can show my version of Samus, it was done for a private client and now I can show. Based on the Varia suit from Metroid Prime I wanted to honour the original look and feel while also keeping it fresh, I decided on a more desaturated burnt orange and yellows for the armour.

The client also wanted a traditional pose giving respect to its heritage.

I built Samus in Zbrush 4 firstly by blocking out with dynamesh and predominantly the move, standard and trim dynamic brushes, along with some clip curve so really basic shapes. I then did my retop in Topogun, then back into zbrush to add creases and sub-d levels, I then detailed in zbrush. Lastly I posed with Zbrush and made the base.

Also for this project I switched my rendering engine over to Renderman for Maya, that was a bit of a learning curve but I ultimately enjoyed the process and will continue to build on what I learnt throughout.

Cheers for looking here's the renders with some early wips.